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Why does my pup get dog hiccups?

Today, many dog owners tend to name their dogs after celebrities, book or movie characters, geographical locations, foods, liquors, sports teams.

Dog hiccups are so common some veterinarians think that they can be a part of the laundry list of “growing pains” some puppies must endure.

Can my dog eat that?

carrots are one of the healthy human foods dogs can eat

Use this handy info graphic to understand healthy human foods dogs can eat safely. Add healthy meats, fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet.

Protect your dog from ticks

Ticks may be found anywhere on your dog. They especially favor the neck, in the armpits, in and around the ears and between the toes.

By Karen A. Soukiasian It’s summer and everyone is outside enjoying picnics, hiking, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. It’s also the time of year ticks are most prevalent…and hungry! The tick is a small arachnid. They are in the same family as spiders, scorpions and mites. They are disease-carrying, bloodsucking, ectoparasites (external parasites). They… Read the rest »

4 tips to make moving with your dog a breeze

With a little bit of planning and some expert advice, moving to a new city can be as easy as a quick stroll around the dog park.

Moving always comes with its own set of challenges. There are boxes to pack, and new jobs to find and loved ones to say goodbye to. People rarely look back on moving day and say, “Remember how much fun that was?" It can be an especially stressful time if you have a furry friend for… Read the rest »

Use home remedies to cure dog bad breath

Bad dog breath can signal serious health issues.

By Mackenzie Grove A blast of dog bad breath can be repulsive, no matter how much you love your dog. The good news is you can work to determine the cause of dog bad breath odor and then formulate a plan to get rid of it. Causes of dog bad breath Dog bad breath is… Read the rest »

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