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Halloween pet safety tips

Cute puppy wearing a Halloween witch hat.

Halloween has fast become a holiday the whole family can enjoy. From adults to kids and even pets, it seems, everyone and every animal gets in on the Halloween fun. But even if your pet can’t wait for you to help put on a costume, there are safety precautions you should take to ensure that… Read the rest »

Puppy socialization key to creating well-trained dogs

puppy socialization

Early  puppy socialization is an effective method in “producing well-trained dogs.” This is the conclusion reached by Seksel, K et al defining the “short and long term behavioral effects of puppy socialization programs.” According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), there are roughly 7.6 million animals brought to animal… Read the rest »

Stop on leash dog aggression

By Terry Jester At least once a week I get a phone call about dog aggression when the dog is on his leash. The caller will state that the dog is usually fine or at least indifferent toward people or other dogs unless leashed. Once leashed, the caller’s dog takes on an entirely new persona…. Read the rest »

PAW5 Wooly makes doggy meals fun

PAW5 Wooly

By Sara B. Hansen Some dogs are finicky eaters. Some dogs inhale their food. And then there are dogs like my sweet Sydney who are grazers. She eats her food, but always in her own sweet time. Sydney’s also a social eater. My Australian shepherd-corgi mix likes nothing better than to bring a mouthful of… Read the rest »

Take the 5-day challenge to enrich your dog’s life


When you decide to adopt a dog, it’s typically understood you are signing yourself up for training, exercise, and time spent dedicated to that new pup in your life. What many dog owners (especially new ones) may not realize is that it doesn’t stop there; simply walking your dog a few times a week and… Read the rest »