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Find the right dog for your kids

By Nancy Cope Many dog breeds are good with children. The key is to find a dog that fits your family and your lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions of breeds known to bond well with children. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Not the most widely known breed, Cavalier’s are starting to spread due to their… Read the rest »

Prevent same-sex dog fights under your roof

By Karen A. Soukiasian Usually when two same-sex dogs in the pack fight it is for dominance and/or your attention. That is not to say it is not serious…it can be severe and even fatal! The most ferocious fights are frequently between two females, two intact males or one intact male and one neutered male…. Read the rest »

Treat your dog’s ear infection

By Christie Long Let’s be honest: dogs scratch themselves. They impress us with their flexibility; they seem to be almost made of rubber at times based on the way they can contort themselves to get in just the right position to scratch a seemingly unattainable itch. Perhaps one of the dog’s favorite anatomical locations to… Read the rest »

Lessons you can learn from your dog

By Kelly Marshall When you get that new puppy the first thing you do is begin teaching him. You teach him to sit, stay, and come, you teach him where to go to the bathroom and not to chew on your favorite shoes. What you don’t realize is the entire time you think you are… Read the rest »

Healthy dog: identify why your dog is limping

By Karen A. Soukiasian At some point in your dog’s life, they will limp. Our first reaction is to either brush it off, or panic! One or two explanations don’t require following up with your vet. However, there could be a serious reason for your dog’s condition. Watch for when your dog: · bobs their… Read the rest »