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Put your pudgy dog on a diet

By Kelly Marshall Most dogs will begin to be less active and will self-exercise less as they age. Some breeds are naturally more likely to gain weight and be couch dogs rather than active pets, so it is important to help them eat only the food they need, not all that they want. Some dogs… Read the rest »

The Independent Dog: When your dog acts more like a cat

By Tony Zimmerman Cat owners can tell you they don’t own their cat. Instead, it is much more like the cat owns them. A cat’s independent nature is a well-known fact. But when people own dogs, they expect a more affectionate and dependent attitude. So what do owners do when they find themselves with a… Read the rest »

Adopting a dog saves more than one life

By Tiana Nelson It’s easy to get sucked into the Internet sites of breeder’s cute puppies and get pulled to the window of a pet store at the mall … while the cages at your local animal shelter may not seem as tempting — here are three reasons you should adopt, and never shop! 1…. Read the rest »

Keep your senior dog happy and healthy

By Catt Moran Living with older dogs requires special considerations. As they age, our faithful companions experience some of the same aches, pains and ailments as we humans; everything from osteoarthritis to vision impairment, and incontinence. But thanks to the advances in veterinary care and new products, there are many things we can do to… Read the rest »

Pick the right dog at the shelter

By Kelly Marshall One of the saddest experiences for many dogs is becoming lost, separated or abandoned by their family. Often dogs become homeless when an owner has to move to a new town or city and is not able or chooses not to take the dog with them. Many times when owners pass away… Read the rest »