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Choose the right place to board your dog

By Karen A. Soukiasian Most pet owners would love to take their dogs with them when they go on vacation. However that isn’t always realistic. Some dogs have problems adjusting when their routine is discombobulated. Others don’t travel well and are stressed by long car rides. Then, there is always the possibility they will run… Read the rest »

Choose the right holiday gift for your dog

By Terry Jester I saw on the news the other day that Americans spend something like $9 billion annually buying presents for their pets. That is an exorbitant amount of money. And, I have to say, someone must be making up for my share because I don’t spend all that much on my animals.

Give a dog a home for the holiday – just don’t give a dog

By Tiana Nelson It’s the holidays! And, honestly, who can resist the idea of a cute puppy in a little red ribbon? Let me make one request, don’t make the dog “surprise” a surprise. It may seem like you’re taking some of the fun away, but trust me it will have a much happier ending… Read the rest »

What gifts would pets give if they could?

By Terry Jester At Christmas time, I usually can find a present or two under the tree for me supposedly given to me by one or more of my pets. And, in turn, my spouse also will have a few things under the tree from the pets. But what would our pets really give us… Read the rest »

True dog lovers don’t buy puppies as Christmas gifts

By Karen A. Soukiasian Nearly everyone at one time or another has dreamed about waking up Christmas morning to find Santa has left a new puppy or dog under the tree. What could be more exciting than that? That’s just the problem! Introducing a new, young pup on Christmas Day is too overwhelming and stressful… Read the rest »