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Which is better — male or female dogs?

By Kelly Marshall Many people can’t decide which dog makes a better pet — male or female. Which one is the best? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you care about the personality and character of the dog more than anything else, the gender shouldn’t make a huge difference. Your choice will be… Read the rest »

Learn the 5 compartments of the canine brain

By Karen Soukiasian Be it a 2-pound Chihuahua or a 200-pound Old English Mastiff, there are only five items the canine brain compartmentalizes for survival and satisfaction.

Dog training: Harness the power of the word “NO”

By Terry Jester I once worked for an organization where “the Boss” had trained a dog in her lifetime, (yes, one dog) and so she thought she knew everything there was to know about training dogs. She instructed me that I was to teach my dog training students that the word “no” was off limits…. Read the rest »

Is it better to have two dogs?

By Kelly Marshall Often dog owners wonder if it’s better to have to two dogs rather than one. The truth is if you plan to leave your dog during the day while you are at work, it may be better to have two dogs so that they can keep each other company.

Keep your dog happy and your home clean

We all love our pets. They keep us company, protect us and are members of the family. But, we can all relate to common puppy problems. These are less about the ruined furniture and more about boredom, stress and excessive energy. Chewing, shedding and anxiety problems can cause damage to our homes. So even though… Read the rest »