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Why rescuing a dog just may save your life

Adopting a dog saves two lives -- the dog's and yours.

By Rakib Talukder The day you spend visiting a dog shelter to choose your new pet just might be the day you save two lives — the dog’s and your own! Let me explain. It’s really no mystery that numerous wonderful dogs are euthanized in animal animal shelters across the United States and in other… Read the rest »

Pamper your pup with a trip to a luxury dog spa

Pamper your dog with a trip to a luxury dog spa.

By Sara B. Hansen Americans spent nearly $67 billions dollars on their pets in 2016. In the United Kingdom pet owners spent 4 billion pounds (or 5.12 billion American dollars). The bulk of that money is spent on food ($23.04 billion) and vet care ($15.73), according to the American Pet Products Association. But there’s plenty… Read the rest »

5 things to think about before you feed your dog people food

Do research before feeding people food to your dog.

By Alexandra Seagal For centuries, the kitchen table has been a gathering spot for family, friends, and new acquaintances. Somehow sharing a yummy lasagna makes conversation more stimulating and relationships stronger. Maybe this is why first dates usually involve dinner! As a pet parent, you may want to share the love with your dog by… Read the rest »

Take time to care for your dog’s paws

Pawing is a natural and inherent way to for our puppy or dog to get us to "focus" on them so that they can relay a message.

By Nancy Cope If you’ve ever taken a glance at the bottom of your dog’s paws, you’ve probably taken note that they’re a bit rough looking. The reason for their worn appearance is obviously due to the daily amount of wear-and-tear that they endure. Dogs are always on the go — running, playing, walking, etc…. Read the rest »

Dog photo shoot: Prepare for success

dog photo shoot 2

By Cecilia Casillas Your dog is just as much a part of the family as your children or partner. Throughout your dog’s life, you’ll create so many warm and wonderful memories that can last forever in your mind. But wouldn’t it be even better to have a memory you can hold on to that was… Read the rest »