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Help your older dog adjust to a new companion

By Karen A. Soukiasian Odds are, eventually older dogs will accept a new, younger dog. However, some will not make joining their pack easy for the newbie! As far as the older dog is concerned, the new puppy or dog must learn and earn their place in the pack. In this scenario, many older dogs… Read the rest »

5 ways to socialize your puppy

By Kelly Marshall Puppy socialization is vital when you bring your new little bundle home. It teaches them not to fear other animals, people, and strange noises. Remember, when you first bring your puppy home, everything is new, so for the first week or so, do not initialize socialization and instead get him or her… Read the rest »

Help rescues and shelters find new homes for abandoned dogs

By Karen A. Soukiasian These are tough economic times. Many are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, often the first things to go are the family pets. Today, more than ever, shelters are bursting at the seams with unwanted animals. Some are surrendered. Others are abandoned; found tied to trees in backyards, chained to picnic… Read the rest »

Dog training: Be the leader your dog needs

By Karen A. Soukiasian A family of wolves or dogs is known as a pack. A pack can consist of 4 to 40 wolves; depending on the size of territory, they can protect. Generally, one male and one female that are the smartest and strongest members of the pack are leaders. In order for the… Read the rest »

9 tips to combat finicky eaters

By Karen A. Soukiasian Nearly all dogs look forward to mealtime, more than anything else. But some dogs can be finicky eaters. Don’t panic right away, if your dog isn’t showing their normal delight at feeding time. Commonly, a healthy dog can go for 3-4 days without eating before you should be concerned. There are… Read the rest »