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Barometric pressure changes can affect your dog

Some dogs alert their owners to changes in barometric pressure by becoming more restless, panting, trembling, whining, and drooling.

By Karen A. Soukiasian Studies on humans, have shown barometric pressure changes cause numerous physical, emotional, and behavioral changes. They include, headaches, mood variations, and complaints about more aches and pains. Perhaps you, or someone you know, claims they can predict the weather better than the weatherman, simply because you feel changes in your body… Read the rest »

Dogs suffer spring-time allergies

dogs suffer spring-time allergies

By Nancy Cope Many dogs suffer from spring-time allergies and hot spots each year. Owners often wonder how to tell if their dog is allergic to something. Dogs have skin reactions when allergic on top of watery itchy eyes. So if your dog is scratching too much they could just have an allergy or a… Read the rest »

Dog-skunk encounter? Use our easy cleanup tips

dog grooming

By Terry Jester Be prepared before you experience a dog-skunk encounter. Stock up now on the items you need to combat a stinky dog. Don’t wait. You may find yourself needing these simple items at 10 at night, 6 in the morning, or just minutes before your mother-in-law comes for dinner.

The 5 stages of successful dog training

By Karen A. Soukiasian Puppies and dogs learn by association, consistency and repetition. To acquire the appropriate association, it is up to you, to make it as simple as possible for your dog to make the connection of what you are commanding and the expected behavior. Keep training sessions short, interesting and fun. End them,… Read the rest »

Dog training: Always Be Consistent

dog training mistakes

By Karen A. Soukiasian By using the Always Be Consistent — ABC rule — of dog training, you can help your dog learn appropriate behaviors so she can make the right choices. We all want happy, well-mannered dogs. The best way to achieve that is to keep things simple.