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Canine career: Hardworking dogs thrive with jobs

canine career

By Mila Sanchez Although dog’s are most often known as “man’s best friend,” dogs can do so much more and thrive when they are put to work. With the right training, a dog can use his skills and abilities in a canine career. Most canine careers take advantage of the fact dogs are so loyal… Read the rest »

Add pumpkin to your dog’s diet

add pumpkin to dog's diet

By Janie Smyser A new year is often the time we look to change our diets to shed a little extra weight. This is also a great time of year to reevaluate your pet’s diet and nutrition plan. Pumpkin provides many benefits for dogs. Fresh, raw, and cooked pumpkin is safe for them, and canned… Read the rest »

Learn to keep your kids and your dog safe and happy

By Karen A. Soukiasian Understanding how your dog perceives your child is the most important factor in a peaceful, and safe co-existence! To your dog, your child may be nothing more than a pack mate. It is your job, to help your dog associate and elevate this mini human to Alpha status. Nearly 80% of… Read the rest »

Acupuncture can ease dogs’ pain, extend lives

By Sara B. Hansen When Gunner, a 31/2-year-old, 70-pound golden retriever, injured his back, his owners turned to acupuncture to help him heal. “I’m all for treatments that don’t involve cutting or heavy drugs," said Gunner’s owner, Mary Burrell, who lives in Fort Collins, Colo. The dog hurt himself while playing on Super Bowl Sunday… Read the rest »

Train your dog to get along with cats

By Kelly Marshall There is a common misconception among some pet owners that dogs and cats cannot co-exist together within a house. While there are some breeds of dogs that do not naturally interact well with other pets most breeds of dogs can be socialized to interact appropriately with cats and live together in a… Read the rest »

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