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Counter surfing can lead to disaster

By Terry Jester Bentley, an Olde English Bulldog, had to spend the night at the Colorado State University’s veterinary emergency hospital. Bentley had ingested two full bags – 40 pieces – of individually wrapped Halloween candies. My friends and Bentley’s owners, Paula and Craig, were planning on handing out on Halloween what friends and I… Read the rest »

Try new outdoor exercise activities with your dog

By Kelly Marshall Aside from the usual walks around the park, there are actually many more outdoor exercise activities that you can do together with your dog. Different activities will not only give them the exercise that they need, but can also train them in specific aspects, such as agility and obedience. And the best… Read the rest »

Help children and dogs bond

By Karen A. Soukiasian Children and dogs usually are a wonderful combination, but sometimes parents need to take a few steps to ensure children and dogs bond safely. Nonetheless, there are times when it can become dangerous. Unless taught otherwise, most children and toddlers often play too rough with their furry companions They will unknowingly… Read the rest »

Before feeding table scraps talk to your vet

Jordan Walker says that his love for animals is unrivaled. He writes for Coops And Cages and other blogs where he happily shares his pet passion and knowledge with similar-minded folks like us. In this article, he sorts out the pros and cons of feeding table scraps to our pet dogs. No one would readily… Read the rest »

Prevent canine ear infections

By Nancy Cope Canine ear infections are very common especially in floppy-eared dogs. What causes canine ear infections? There are many reasons why a dog’s ears get infected. Many dogs are prone to infections but the most common culprits include: – Allergies, this includes food allergies or atopy – Ear mites can lead to infection… Read the rest »