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Find a great dog for your active family

By Nancy Cope If your family likes to spend lots of time outdoors, you need to find a dog you can take along on your long walks, hikes and runs. Here are a few active, sporting breed dogs that might blend well with your family. Labrador Retriever A lab can be a very gentle and… Read the rest »

Learn to control your dog’s inappropriate behavior

By Karen A. Soukiasian The leading causes of canine behavior issues, are: • Breeding • Frustration • Insufficient interaction with owner • Diet • Household energy level • Lack of training and leadership • Lack of exercise

Let your dog howl

By Karen A. Soukiasian As you well know, your dog is nothing more than a wolf in your living room. As such, howling is something he is genetically programmed to do, for a few useful canine reasons. It’s an ancient memory. Most likely he doesn’t know why he’s doing it, but something deep inside is… Read the rest »

Combat Black Dog Syndrome

By Karen A. Soukiasian Regrettably, Black Dog Syndrome is quite real. Figures from shelters and rescues confirm more black dogs are surrendered and euthanized than any other color or combination of colors no matter the breed or temperament. Unfortunately, the majority of people looking for a new puppy or dog will gravitate away from a… Read the rest »

5 ways to stop dog barking

By Kelly Marshall Without a doubt one of the most annoying issues for owners is chronic dog barking. These dogs seem to bark at anything and everything and do not stop barking even when the threat or event is over. While chronic or excessive barking is often associated with small dogs all sizes and breeds… Read the rest »