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Best big city activities for your dog

Big cities like New York and Chicago offer beach access.

Everyone has their favorite neighborhood route for walking their dog. Chances are that it combines some city sidewalks with the occasional detour through a park, field or past some lakes and ponds. Everyone has their favorite routes, but sometimes they can get a little stale. Maybe your dog doesn’t know any different and loves every… Read the rest »

Simple rules make crate training your puppy a breeze

By Karen A. Soukiasian The key to crate training your puppy is to project the idea that the crate or kennel is their castle, or in a dog’s world, their den. Crating a puppy is also an excellent way to housebreak them. After a certain age, most puppies will not poop where they sleep or… Read the rest »

Help your dog sleep through the night

If taught properly, a crate can provide a safe and puppy-proofed area for your dog to sleep in while you are away, or not able to keep that constant eye on him.

By Karen A. Soukiasian You may be surprised to learn dogs sometimes have trouble sleeping. Many dogs are unable to sleep through the night. Puppies have been comforted at night by the company of their litter mates and mother. Now they are alone and may have trouble sleeping. Overweight dogs can be prone to sleep… Read the rest »

6 reasons you should adopt your next pet

By Live-in Nanny.com Perhaps one of the most defining characteristics of humanity is our willingness — and passion — for caring for animals. Having a pet enriches our lives, both for the animal and for the caretaker. People who share their homes and their lives with their pets know that unconditional love, both given and… Read the rest »

3 fun and affordable games for your dog

By Sally Gutteridge It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and think that if the dog is walked and fed then all is well in his world. Ask yourself though, how well do you meet the needs of your best friend? Is your dog happy and does he get enough mental stimulation… Read the rest »

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