Keep your dog pest free

Humans and dogs have co-existed together for centuries, and unlike some other pets, the role of the dog has often been as much about them taking care of us as us taking care of them.

happy dog no pestsDogs guard us from intruders and work on our farms. Even if they’re not working dogs, they still encourage us to exercise and provide us with love and silent emotional support.

In return, we feed them, give them warmth and shelter, and generally welcome them into our families. It’s this uniquely equal level of give and take that has rightly earned dogs the title of man’s best friend. Continue reading “Keep your dog pest free”

How much does dog boarding cost?

It seems most pets have a sixth sense when it comes to travel, especially when they are not invited! Dog Boarding

Your dog may try to cozy up to you the moment you pack your suitcases, or he or she may start to look lonely or somewhat depressed during this hustle and bustle.

Before going away, the most important decision for you is what to do with your pets. With many boarding options out there, it’s best to know what each one can do for you, your pet and your wallet. Continue reading “How much does dog boarding cost?”