How your dog plays reveals her temperment and personality

By Karen A. Soukiasian

There are three basic canine temperament groups: Assertive/Aggressive, Neutral and Passive.

In addition, there can be a mishmash of all three, depending on the situation. Objectively observe and decide which group or combination your puppy or dog fits.

Dog toys help dogs relieve stress, boredom and more. They also provide opportunities for play and bonding with their owners.

Watching how your dog plays with his toys can give you insight into your dog’s personality.

An Assertive/Aggressive puppy or dog typically has the highest prey drive. Size or sex has nothing to do with the Assertive/Aggressiveness. It is not surprising to find the smallest or females, can be the most Assertive/Aggressive. Continue reading “How your dog plays reveals her temperment and personality”