3 responses to “Get your dog ready for a road trip”

  1. Deborah Richardson

    I use ice cubes when we are on the road. The dog is getting water but not too much. Also leash your dog before you open the door when you are in a rest stop.

  2. Sara B. Hansen

    Great suggestions! Thanks for sharing Deborah!

  3. Alok Ojha

    Me and my family and our dog have travelled by road between Delhi – Mumbai (India) some 1400 km several times. ( with a couple of night halts in between)In addition several timeswe have travelled to locations around Delhi which are say 200 -250 km radius. You suggestions are practical and useful. I would add a couple of thing:- (1) like a human child who love their pillow so much that you need to carry with you when you go on long tour with your child , the dogs too have their favourite bedding. Carry them in your car This gives him a feeling of “at home ” and security/ familiarity even in changed enviroment. (2) Moreover as you said before taking your dog for a long trip carry your dog on short local trips so that he feels the car is his second home.and gets used to enjoying car rides.