3 responses to “3 simple rules to bond with your dog”

  1. Becky White

    Awesome advice! I believe in all of your tips they are my philosophy too 🙂 A routine and consistancy are key when owing a dog.A focus on rewarding postive behaviour goes a long way! People tend to harp on the negatives more.Having all family members on board being consistant with their beloved pooch is the best case scenario.Put the time in to train your dog early on so you can enjoy the years together.

  2. Karen Soukiasian

    Thank you Becky! Great minds think alike!

    Hope you’ll Like and follow us on Facebook too…


  3. Ruthie

    I think the furniture rule is nonsense. I’ve been in rescue for over 20yrs and they all have gotten on the furniture and I’ve never had a problem.

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