2 responses to “5 ways to socialize your puppy”

  1. Julie Scott

    I have socialized my 1yr old Standard Poodles that I bred myself since he was 10weeks old. He was great as a very young puppy, but I have 2 very tall young men who live next door. and the fence atm is only wire, the iron fence isn’t finished yet. So everytime these guys would step outside their backdoor which is really close to our fence, my dogs would bark at them as they do, thinking someone is in their yard. but these guys in a gruff voice would yell at my dogs and tell them to shutup. Because of this Neddi seems to have a problem with very tall men, coming on to my property. He is fine a dog obedience, or when he is on a lead when I take him down the street, he also does this when I take him with his mum he seems to think he has to protect her. Is there anything I can do to improve his fear, so he doesn’t bark, as he has such a loud bark.