Bark! for the camera II

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Sadie puts herself in timeout. Actually, this clever cock-a-poo knows if she sits in this corner with her sad face, one of her humans will come and pull her tennis balls out from under the cabinet where they are stuck.

Hillary Vermont's dogs Hula and Casper enjoy a life of comfort. Hula is a Red Heeler-White Lab mix and Casper is a shepherd mix.


Belt Beagles

The Belt beagles, Nickie and Indiana, take a TGIF nap on the deck to relax after a hard week of naps and snacks.

Bergen Duncan is ready to celebrate Halloween.

Please oh please, may I have that last drop of coffee. Owner Elizabeth Keest Sedrel of Des Moines couldn't resist Jessie's sweet beagle eyes and gave in a let her pup have a taste.

Jake, a 4-year-old mini-Schnauzer is ready for his closeup.

Libby, a Bassett Hound in upstate New York, checks out Isaac, the family's newest member.

Mickey displays his cat-like tendencies by curling up next to the computer monitor in Fort Collins, CO.

Rescue dogs: Peanut, a 10-year-old female Boston mix, adopted from Four Paws Rescue in Colorado Springs. On right, Sassy, a 4-month-old female Sheltie mix, adopted from Colorado Springs Humane Society.

All ready to go play at Raccoon River Dog Park in Des Moines, Iowa.

Yuri, a lhasa apso, is stylin' with his big hat and is ready for his close up.

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