3 responses to “Bringing a dog home is a forever commitment”

  1. No Name

    I was just denied a beautiful puppy from a shelter that my family fell in love with and spent time with at a shelter. He is only 8mnths old and was the sweetest thing. because he nipped one of the emplyees feet when she pushed her steel toe shoe onto the bed he was on the day we were there to adopt him she desided he’s a danger to us and they are now putting him down. I’m devistated! The family is in shock! I can not believe that even after insisting on us taking him and signing him up for professional training they still denied us. I volenteer for them on a regular basis also. So, they know me. He will be put down this week and not given a chance to be corrected. Did I say he’s only 8months old?

  2. Sara B. Hansen

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Is there a shelter director you can talk to? Maybe that person can overrule her decision.

  3. Indydeb

    That is horrible! Some shelters dont get it. If you truly wanted the dog they shouldnt have stopped the adoption and the fact that this dog is only 8 months old and they now think that dog is a danger. The shelters need some education too in my opinion. So sorry Sara. In regards to this article, i so agree. I think when you adopt a dog it is for its lifetime. I have a rottweiler named Pup Pup who is today 10 years old. He is my heart. I would take on homelessness before i gave him up. In fact i did live in a tent for about 2 months with my husband and my dog until we found work. Where I go my dog goes. He has never starved nor have we. He may have not had the best of medical care but as far as i’m concerned he’s healthy, AND most importently he’s happy.I myself dont get the best medical care i need. Most people in my situation over the years would have given him up. But I am a strong believer that this is a lifetime commitment.He’s my boy and I wouldnt give him up for the world. No I dont have kids and am glad i dont. My dogs are my kids. Both my dogs were free though too. I know that it costs to run these facilities but if they occasionally gave some of these animals away for free maybe their wouldnt be so many having to be killed. What good is a rescue if their just going to hold them for 4 days then kill them if no one adopts? Do they do it just to recoup their losses or what? I have heard alot of those less fortunate say they can afford the fee to adopt. To some the fees not that much. If your going to kill the dog anyway they are much better off at least being offered to anyone who wants to love that dog. If the dog gets sick down the road and they cant afford to get them well, let them decide what to do. Some can do whatever it takes to make their pet well again. And if they can afford to feed themselves they can afford to feed their pet. I will repeat! Giving them away is better than killing them!!!