2 responses to “Dangerous foods for dogs”

  1. dogtravelpro pet carrier

    There are many more than I have listed: Corn Cobs, dogs love them, (can cause intestinal blockage) I know a dog that died from this.
    Fruit Pits and also bottle caps if you leave them on the plastic bottle your dog loves to play with (can cause intestinal blockage when they chew it off and swallow) I also know of this and 3 surgeries resulting!
    Uncooked bread dough (the yeast can continue to rise in the dog’s nice warm intestine causing blockage or rupture)
    Xylitol (found in some gum and candy can cause liver damage with large quantity ingestion)
    Cooked Chicken Bones that splinter and can cause intestinal blockage or tears.
    If you see your dog eat any of these immediately induce vomiting by giving your dog 2-3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. I once had to do this with an Airedale that ate a box and 1/2 of chocolates. No ill effects resulted after he vomited up the chocolate!

  2. Deborah Taylor-French

    Thanks for this list and the space to comment.

    Most Vets say any cooked bones can splinter and rip up a dog’s digestive system.

    Beyond that are all the Pet Food Recalls and Dog chicken treats still sold today, not recalled by the FDA.

    I recommend finding the Dog Food Advisor and signing up for his updates, reading his blog and Facebook. Everyday in American dogs die from tainted pet food. Protect your dog (plus people who you love dogs). Buy American, only in America dog food and treats.