3 responses to “Dog lovers support No Kill shelters”

  1. SlimDoggy

    Everyone needs to become more aware of this movement. The stats in the US compared to other countries in this area is embarrassing. We have to get a grip on the overpopulation and shelter euthanization programs. Everyone needs to help. Spread the word.

  2. Nanshelle Ganz

    I am on my third rescue dog and have had a rescue cat for 10 years now. I volunteered at a no kill shelter and would do so again. I would rather see the puppy mills shut down, irresponsible breeders put out of business, sand responsible breeders licensed than to see shelters have to kill so many dogs every day. I also think breed specific legislation must stop. You wouldn’t just decide to kill all people with brown eyes, would you? Each dog should be tested and judged on it’s own merit, and not because it “looks dangerous”.

  3. phyllis fischer

    everything on the list was Excellent! and I wouldn’t support a shelter if they did not do Everything in their power to rehome and save every animal that comes into their shelter. But- it just isn’t enough in this neck of the woods. When it is, I will rejoice- some day open access shelters will be no kill because the population is down . Till that day, I support open access shelters that do everything on the list, but also pts animals when there is just no more room instead of turning them away to horrors unknown.