One response to “Keep your dog from becoming obese”

  1. Susan Larrabee

    I take issue with running your dog while you ride a bike. I have been told by every vet I have used that dogs exercise/run differently than humans do. Forcing them to keep up while you are on a bike is not good for their hips not matter what breed. It’s the same with jogging. Also, buying cheap food is a huge reason why animals gain weight. It is filled with all kinds of garbage, not to mention toxic poisons and I have seen both dogs and cats blow up in a matter of 2 months due to cheap food. Buy organic food from a reputable store and stay away from anything made in China. Unless of course you want a huge vet bill. It may be more expensive on the front end but in the long run you will have a healthier pet and less vet bills. It goes back to the statement, “Pay me now or pay me later.”