One response to “Prevent same-sex dog fights under your roof”

  1. Janet Best

    Wonderful article, thank you. I would like to add my experience to the table with dog fighting, if I may. I am way up in years and have lived on this farm most of my life. We have always had 3 or 4 dogs living with us because we can, lots of room and love to go around. In my situation the aggressive behavior among neutered males always, without exception, revolved around food. In the 70’s there was a memorable battle in the back yard between my bull mastiff and a large terrier that I rescued at the pound. I had had both dogs for years before any sign of aggression but one day I bought big knuckle bones that still had a little meat on them and gave them to chew on while the were outside. I watched for a while and they each took their bone to a corner and relaxed. After a while, from inside of my house, I heard a terrible battle going on and ran to see. The Bull Mastiff was shaking the terrier and it was minutes before I could get them apart and had to do that with a broom. The terrirer was hurt and when I asked the vet why it happened, he told me raw meat will set off the carnal instincts, especially in male dogs. No more butcher shop bones and it never happened again. They went back to being friends.
    There is a big movement now for “Before the Grain”., “Back to Basics” meaning more meat. If you have multiple male dogs, neutered or not, they should be separated when given bully stick treats, beef or chicken jerky etc. They bring out the most possessive behaviors in them. It is a shame because they love meat products and the proteins are so good for them-they just love them too much.
    The third fight took place when my grandchildren dropped a piece of pepperoni pizza and 2 of my current male dogs dived for it. The two wouldn’t stop and became more and more frenzied. I had no broom or leash in the room and when I left the room to get something, the aggressive one immediately stopped and followed me from the room. That was a surprise. No one was hurt, but once again it was food. I also want to mention that my dogs are not hungry and don’t look it either. They are taste testers for my little dog treat shop on line and never go hungry. It was the pepperoni that did it.

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