4 responses to “Eliminate separation anxiety with training”

  1. Bob Thorne

    I agree with the whole of your entire article. Our product is often a suitable replacement when you can’t introduce another companion pet. Our SnugglePuppies have been making a big difference for over 15 years.

  2. Marnie

    Hi there, I have a friend who does all of the above but has the opportunity of taking her dogs with her wherever she goes – mostly. However, when we’re in the same building and the owner
    goes to a different room away from her dogs, one of them wines and yaps constantly. He did this before they introduced a second dog and he still does it. No fuss is made of him, in fact he’s ignored when he’s doing this – apart from the odd ‘ssshh’ – is it the odd ‘ssshh’ that keeps him going? Your article is very helpful. I often witness people over stimulating their dogs when they arrive home from work – I used to do this until I learned from somebody who knew better… We think we’re being kind and showing our love but actually we’re making them more insecure without meaning to. Thank you

  3. bonnie

    Same here, my puppy of 5 mos. doesn’t cry or bark when I leave, only when I”m in a different room of the house! He hates to be alone.
    We’ve tried ignoring, shsh, and spraying with water which seems to be working, any advice? Is it a function of his age? He is on the hyper side.

    I also like to take him out with me in my doggie pocketbook when I can, is this spoiling him?

  4. Sara B. Hansen

    Bonnie, Sounds like you’re doing all the right things. I’d make sure you are giving him plenty of exercise through walks or play to help burn off energy. I don’t think taking him with you when you can is spoiling him.