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4 tips to stop puppy biting

Eliminate puppy biting using four simple tips.

Work with your dog and use four simple tips to eliminate puppy biting: discipline, distraction, firm commands and no rough play.

Help your dog battle motion sickness

Dogs that typically exhibit symptoms of hyperactivity also may experience the symptoms of motion sickness.

Nervous, hyperactive dogs are more likely to suffer from motion sickness as are puppies whose inner ears have not yet fully developed.

Help older dogs age gracefully

older dogs need extra care

Older dogs need extra care including special grooming and regular vet visits to maintain mobility and stay at a healthy weight.

Keep your dog safe when you’re away

Puppy proof your home to keep your dog sa

Puppy proof your home and yard — pay special attention to things your dog can put in his mouth — to keep your dog safe when you’re away.

Dog stereotypes: Understand fact from fiction

dog stereotypes

Would you be surprised to learn that many dog stereotypes are formed by TV and movies rather than concrete information about the breeds.