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Is it better to have two dogs? If you plan to leave your dog during the day while you are at work, it may be better to have two dogs so that they can keep each other company.

Help your dog sleep all night: The most common cause of canine insomnia is pent-up energy. Help your dog sleep through the night by making sure she gets plenty of exercise.

Why does my dog get hiccups? Dog hiccups are so common some veterinarians think that they can be a part of the laundry list of “growing pains” some puppies must endure.

Could my dog have canine autism? Most puppies and dogs diagnosed with “canine autism” are reactive and often lack socialization skills. Reactive animals often inherit an anxiety disorder.

Use music to soothe separation anxiety: Soothe dog separation anxiety with music, not medication. The right tune can calm your dog so he can relax and fall asleep.

Aggressive puppy warning signs: Common aggressive puppy behavior warning signs: snarling, growling, mounting, snapping, lunging, challenging stance, aggressive barking and biting.

Couch potato dogs for couch potato owners: Make an honest assessment of your lifestyle to help you choose the right dog. If you’re a couch potato, get a couch potato dog, not a high energy dog.



5 ways to keep your dog safe from dangerous wildlife

Dangerous wildlife: Take steps to keep your dog safe and secure. Never leave your dog unsupervised outdoors and keep her vaccines up to date.

Flying with your dog: Keep your pup safe on even the longest flight

Flying with your dog creates many of the same complications as traveling with a baby — you’ll need snacks, toys, and supplies to clean up any accidents.

3 high-tech gadgets to keep dogs safe and healthy

Security camera systems, GPS-powered wearables and automated food dispensers are three of today’s most popular high-tech dog gadgets.

Security camera systems, GPS-powered wearables and automated food dispensers are three of today’s most popular high-tech dog gadgets.

Doggy facelift: Is animal plastic surgery cruel or beneficial?

Animal plastic surgery can correct health problems like breathing issues that have been caused by the selective breeding of certain dog breeds such as Shar-Peis and Pugs.

Dogs keep kids happy and healthy

dogs provide Young girl hugs a Labrador puppy. The unconditional love of a puppy helps boost self-esteem, which is an example of how dogs provide health benefits for children.

Dogs provide health benefits for children that range from boosting their immune and cardiovascular systems to reducing stress and improving their self-esteem.