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Keep your dog safe when you’re away

Puppy proof your home to keep your dog sa

Puppy proof your home and yard — pay special attention to things your dog can put in his mouth — to keep your dog safe when you’re away.

Three ways to get help if pre-existing conditions limit pet health insurance

pet insurance pre-existing conditions

Buy pet insurance when your dog is young and less likely to have pre-existing conditions that can limit coverage or make insurance more expensive.

Dog stereotypes: Understand fact from fiction

dog stereotypes

Would you be surprised to learn that many dog stereotypes are formed by TV and movies rather than concrete information about the breeds.

5 great dog apps

dog app

Dog apps can help pet lovers choose a pet to adopt, train him, take him on vacation, set up play dates and monitor all your canine-related expenses.

Dog training: Stop dog chasing

Control dog chasing by eliminating temptation and managing your dog's prey drive.

Stop dog chasing by eliminating temptation and by training your dog. Beware, dogs with strong prey drives thrive on dog chasing.