Choose an eco-friendly gift for your dog and pet-loving friends

Your dog is your best friend, always happy to see you and excited when you get home; they should get a gift for the holidays too! Whether it is for your pet or your friends who love their dogs more than life itself, there are four great eco-friendly and holistic gifts that will bring a smile to their faces and a wag to their tails.

eco-friendly dog gifts


Dogs, like humans, are social animals. They need companionship to stay healthy and happy, so it makes sense that there are dating apps for dogs. Using the location feature in your Apple iPhone 7 Plus, DoggyDatez helps you find new pet-minded friends. The app lets you “mark your territory” in a 200-meter radius and see who else is in the area. This allows you to see who else is around that may want to play. You can even filter your territory by pet gender, breed or size so that you don’t freak out your toy poodle with a mastiff play date. This is a great gift for all of your dog-loving friends.


This is wearable tech for your pooch. WonderWoof comes as a little bowtie that you can get in seven colors including black, pink and orange. Much like a human’s FitBit, WonderWoof measures your pet’s exercise level and calculates a target exercise range by age, size and breed. It also does some of the same things as DoggyDatez because it has a function that will alert you of other dogs in the area. This makes exercising more fun for the dog and its owner. The WonderWoof bowtie and collar retail for $95.

Miracle Salve by Merry Jen’s Kitchen

With all of this exercise, your dog can get sore. As they get older, joint pain is common for pets. Recently, NBC did a feature piece on Merry Jen’s Kitchen’s Miracle Salve, a hemp-infused rub that can ease pain in pets. Everything that Merry Jen’s Kitchen makes is handmade and organic. They also make products for humans so a gift basket from them is the perfect present for humans and dogs alike. The Miracle Salve retails at $25 and gift baskets range from $50 to $100.

Grooming Supplies

In a world of fuzzy dogs and hipster dads, grooming is an important aspect of life. Olive Green Dog is a website devoted to eco-friendly grooming and pet supplies. They have shampoos and conditioners that are pH-balanced for canines as well as specialty brushes and teeth cleaning devices. Pair that with a doggie hoodie and boots and you have a wonderful, and hilarious, gift for dogs and dog lovers alike. The site even has a holiday shop with Christmas-themed gifts ranging in price from $8 to $165.

Pet Cube

Of course, you cannot be with your best friend all the time. One of you needs to work. For those times when you are separated, there is the Pet Cube. The Pet Cube Bites is an interactive camera that lets you watch your pet while you are away. It is integrated with your smartphone through an app that monitors activity, quiet time and sleep time. Using the Pet Cube, you can play games with a built-in laser pointer and talk to your pet friend. One version even allows you to give your pet treats. The Pet Cube is good for dogs or cats and retails between $99 and $179.