Make your home and yard dog safe

Whether you’re a new pet parent or looking to become one, keeping your dog safe is one of the keys to a happy life with Fido.

Puppy proofing eliminates potential dangers by keeping your dog safe from common household hazards.

Puppy proofing eliminates potential dangers by keeping your dog safe from common household hazards.

Much like you would prep your home for a two-legged little one, puppy proofing eliminates potential dangers by keeping your dog safe from common household hazards. Your pup will want to investigate every electrical cord, every closet and every item in the backyard, and he won’t distinguish between your favorite pair of shoes and his chew toy. It’s up to you to make sure your dog (and your stuff) are safe from these puppy temptations. With these tips and tricks, you’ll make your life as a pet parent an almost stress-free one.

Worker Hound

Your loyal pooch loves spending time with you, whether it’s cuddling on the couch or sitting at your feet while you work in your home office. Work areas at home are often filled with common canine distractions. Teething puppies may confuse loose papers, pens and electrical wires as gnawing toys for sensitive gums as well as boredom therapy. Ensure you have proper storage for small items like pens, paper clips and push pins to prevent choking. Electrical cords and wires that can’t be tucked away behind a desk or another piece of furniture should be safeguarded against chewing. We suggest enclosing cords in a chew-proof PVC tube or try using a Chewsafe cord protector that discourages cord chewing to keep your dog safe.

Doggie Paddler

Got a pup that loves to swim? Your backyard pool may seem harmless enough, but too much chlorine can prove detrimental to your best friend’s skin, coat and eyes. In low doses, chlorine is relatively harmless, but if your dog likes to swim, daily dips in a chlorine-treated pool may cause dry, itchy skin and eye irritation. To prevent long-term side effects, always rinse or bathe your pet after a swim. Discourage Fluffy from drinking pool water by providing ample fresh drinking water, especially after a few laps. And if your pet really loves dipping in the pool, consider using a chlorine alternative such as bromine to reduce potential harsh effects. According to the pool experts at In the Swim, bromine is just as effective a sanitizer as chlorine but much less irritating to the skin and eyes.

Green Paw

With room to roam, sniff and frolic, the backyard is a haven for pets. But it can also be loaded with unsuspected hazards. Compost, cocoa-based mulches, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers and other garden chemicals can all cause problems for pets. Your first line of defense is to keep things stored away safely and out of your pet’s reach. However, there are times when keeping things out of reach isn’t an option. For instance, avid gardeners rely on the benefits of mulch to create a beautiful garden. The Gardening Know How blog suggests using pine, cedar and hemlock mulches as safe alternatives to the standard cocoa-based mulch to create a lively garden that’s also dog safe.